KNH patent attorneys - your highly qualified partner in intellectual property law.

Our team of specialized patent attorneys is the favorable partner when registering a patent or trademark, enforcing property rights on national and international level or creating a special protective strategy based on the needs of the company. Through all these and further steps our team with experienced patent attorneys located in Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Munich is willing to support, guide and stand by any client.


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Patenting your invention with our patent attorneys

As patent attorneys in Duesseldorf we support you with

  • Acquisition
  • Preservation and
  • Enforcement
of your rights. If you want to have your invention patented our team of patent attorneys is looking forward to assist you substantially and profound during the process. For further information please see section Expertise.



Design protection and registered designs

Not only in terms of registering a trademark or registering a patent do we want to be your favored partner but also in terms of design protection. Since the German design law has only recently been updated to a newer and standardized version it is even more important to rely on the professional assistance of our patent attorneys here in Duesseldorf to provide an adequate solution to any design that needs protection.





Registering Utility Models

Also we are obligingly willing to accept any mandate concerning the registration of a Utility Model. Further information you will find in the section Expertise - Property Rights.

Employee invention law

As experienced patent attorneys and consultants in the field of employee invention law and employee invention rights we are solid partners and offer our best advice.



International Patent Application – no problem!

BTW: If you are thinking about filing an international patent application our patent attorneys are skilled to react foreseeing and prudent to any situation to ensure a seamless registration process. Our patent attorneys here in Duesseldorf are looking forward to offering any help, assistance or consultation needed.



Press Notes

4. November 2016– Chancen und Risiken von technischen Innovationen: Unser Seminar.

Am Düsseldorfer Standort hat unsere Kanzlei KNH Patentanwälte Anfang November ein Seminar zum Patentrecht ausgerichtet.

Welches Schutzrecht ist für Ihre Erfindung das Richtige? Ein Schutzrecht verletzt - was nun? Welche Recherchemöglichkeiten gibt es? Arbeitnehmererfindung - was ist das und wie funktioniert es? Welchen Schutz braucht Software? (read more)



Nullity Action and Opposition

KNH Patent Attorneys assist you in case of disruptive intellectual property of your competitors.

The opposition proceeding before the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) or before the European Patent Office (EPO) enables to attack patents up to nine months after granting.

Nullity Actions before the Federal German Patent Court enable to attack disruptive patents - for example as a reaction to a patent dispute before a German civil court.



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