Network – National

When intellectual property rights are enforced in the courts, due to the the legal position in Germany the plaintiffs and defendants must be represented by a lawyer. We have successfully worked alongside with a large number of lawyers and offices who are specialized on enforcing intellectual property rights in court proceedings. In this respect, our firm is not tied to specific lawyers or offices but rather can in each case recommend the specialists or a specialist firm best suited to that particular case. Our geographical proximity to and decades of collaboration with the most renowned German law firms specializing in intellectual property rights has allowed us to build up a network, primarily in Duesseldorf and Munich, which enables us to make the right selection of a suitable specialist for virtually every eventuality.


Network – International

KNH Patentanwälte manages its clients’ intellectual property rights on a worldwide basis. To ensure that competent advice is provided in all important industrial nations, alongside our local contacts we have for many years maintained an international network of patent attorneys and lawyers with whom we collaborate efficiently and successfully in the interests of our clients. In virtually every important industrial nation, we collaborate with at least two specialist firms so that, even when conflict situations occasionally arise, it can always be ensured that our clients are represented by proven professional colleagues.

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You want to enforce your trademark or patent against a third party?

Property rights are enforced by ordinary courts. Further information may be found here:

It often occurs, that an out of court settlement is more attractive than an in court proceeding. General information on how property right infringements are to be handled are to be found below

Utilize property rights for financing

Contracts concerning property rights, often also involve the question of financing. Our team includes experts on financing questions regarding property rights. Information is to be found in the following section:

Entrepreneurship with patents

KNH Patent Attorneys has gathered extensive experience in advising company founders proactively and cost orientated regarding property right questions. Informations on this may be found on our website: