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Why intellectual property rights?

Property rights are the basis of industrial property protection. They make it possible to enter new markets, to set oneself apart from competitors and, in the best case scenario, to establish monopolies over inventions, innovations and the technologies resulting from them for a finite period of time.

Property rights

Which property right which invention?

Different property rights are particularly suited to providing effective protection against imitations, depending on the type of invention or innovation. While technical inventions are usually protected by patents or utility models, creative configurations are eligible for trademark and design protection, for example.

How to protect complex products?

To ensure that even complex products are given effective protection which keeps competitors at a distance over the long term, a combination of different property rights is often the correct strategy. We draw upon our extensive experience to develop and implement, together with our clients, the right strategy for protecting their inventions and innovations. On the following pages, we have provided you with a brief introduction to the various property rights as well as their particular features and the opportunities they offer.

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Employee invention law could interest you too.

We are experienced in representing employees and emloyers concerning employee invention law.

Many things are to be regarded when dealing with employee invention law to insure a balance of interests between employer and employee. Further information may be found below:

You want to enforce your trademark or patent against a third party?

Property rights are enforced by ordinary courts. Further information may be found here:

It often occurs, that an out of court settlement is more attractive than an in court proceeding. General information on how property right infringements are to be handled are to be found below