Expertise – KNH patent attorneys service for you

Acquisition, maintenance and enforcement of rights – we help our clients to do all of these things. We protect innovations, new technologies and products, as well as trademarks and new designs. An overview of our services can be seen on the following pages.

In detail, we undertake the following tasks on behalf of our clients:

  • A focused search of all prior publications to innovations;
  • The preparation, filing, support and management of the grant procedures for patents and trademarks as well as utility model and design registrations;
  • Assessment and examination of new technology or intellectual property right portfolios;
  • Consultation and advice on management of portfolios and industrial property rights;
  • Preparation and revision of license agreements;
  • Development of strategies for intellectual property; and
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights nationally and internationally.

Property rights, patents, trademarks etc.

Why apply for property rights? Property rights allow innovations to be exclusively protected. They are an important precondition for the economic success of a company.

Patents and utility models enable the protection of technical inventions. Trademarks protect certain landmarks or symbols. A design protects artistic creations.


Dispute proceedings, legislation, infringement etc.

If a property right is unrightfully granted or if a property right is infringed, a dispute proceeding can be conducted. With which a property right can be enforced, tackled or defended.

Unrightfully granted patents can be tackled with either an opposition proceeding or a nullity suit. Utility models can be dealt with by a request for cancellation of utility models. A nullity suit is filed with the Federal Patent Court whereas the opposition proceeding for a utility model is usually filed at the European Patent Court or the German Patent and Trademark Court. For unrightfully granted trademarks, there is the possibility of filing a trademark opposition proceeding or applying for trademark cancellation procedure.

In the case of a intellectual property right infringement the option of claiming a patent infringement case or a trademark infringement case in front of one of the courts is at hand. These legal actions are handled by the Regional Court or the civil courts. The Europe wide patent infringement cases are handled the European Patent Court. Further information is to be found here.


Development monitoring, search reports, freedom to operate, etc.

An extensive development support by a patent attorney is mostly to be recommended. At the beginning of a new innovation intensive research and development is often necessary. We support our clients in the earliest development phases by for example generating technology search reports.

If new products are to be introduced to the market we develop Freedom to Operate reports that help eliminate risks of infringement by other patents.

We are especially successful in monitoring and assisting the development and progress of your invention. A continuous competition monitoring helps to understand the competition better and therefore makes it easier to develop a tailored patent strategy.

A patent strategy leads to a patent portfolio which protects the business activity and secures the competitive advantages. For being able to receive such a cost manageable patent portfolio, a clever patent portfolio management is necessary. We have gathered extensive experience on this topic and would be glad to share these with you.


Employee invention law

The employee invention law regulates the transfer of an employee invention to the employer.

An employee that makes an invention is in most cases obliged to make the invention available to the employer. If such a case is at hand hast to be determined in the case at hand. More information regarding this and further regulations on employee invention law can viewed on the following pages.


Contracts in patent cases

Contracts enable the economical use of property rights.

In many cases creative ideas only then emerge, when a combination of certain companies work on a project together as development cooperation. In this case contracts are of high importance to ensure that all interests are considered.

The most common usage of economic property rights is a license agreement. Here for license contracts are a necessity.


Fields of technology

Our patent attorneys are well experienced in the following fields of technology.